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   The Process
Step 1. Throwing - One way that we make our pottery is with a potters wheel. This is called throwing on the wheel. The first step in that process is to center the clay as shown.

Step 2. Opening - The second step in the process of throwing is to open the clay. I do this by pushing the heal of my right hand into the center of the ball of clay while controlling the outside of the ball with my left hand.

As I reach the bottom of the lump of clay I move the heel of my hand to create the bottom of the piece that I am making.

Step 3. The Pull - After the ball of clay is opened, the piece of clay is ready to be pulled. I do this by reaching across the clay and pulling the clay toward me and through my hand on the outside and thumb on the inside. I force a thick piece of clay through a narrow space. This forces a cylinder to rise.
Step. 4 Compressing - After the pull the rim is compressed and evened by holding the rim between two fingers of one hand and pressing with the index finger of the other.
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