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   Glaze Patterns

We produce six different glaze combinations. Each glaze is shown with each product in the site. Please select the glaze color you want when you place your order.

All of our pottery is lead-free and oven-, dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
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  Amethyst Dream - Early dawn mists, sprinkled with myriad stars, swirling through deep blue twilight. Mediterranean Sunrise - A hazy sunrise over the rich red Moroccan horizon, lovingly embraced by a soothing blue-green sea.  
  Northern Lights - The shimmering incandesence of the Aurora Borealis. (This glaze requires special attention and comes with a 10% surcharge.) Oasis Fountain - Bubbling waters splashing blissfully among desert sands, rejoicing in the abundance of free-flowing harmony.  
  Serenity Seascape - Seaside grasses gently caressing the ocean breeze, overlooking a calm harbor surrounded by sun-warmed sand. Way of the Cross - Rich russet earth supporting fields of wheat for the bread of life, with promise everlasting.  
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